Looking For Tires For Your Ford?

When choosing Ford tires that provide the best safety and value for our driving conditions, we know it is going to be a delicate choice. When we get to the final decision about the best tires for our vehicle, everything should hinge on the average annual kilometres driven, and how often we drive in rough conditions such as snow, dirt, rain, busy highways and traffic-jammed city street. Also, when the seasons change so should your tires.

At Formula Ford Pickering our vast inventory of Ford tires includes everything you need for your vehicle. Keep the safety of your vehicle with tires that suit any circumstance.

Regularly examining your tires will help calculate when they should be replaced. Proper tire care and maintenance is one of the many ways to extend the life of your tires. Contact us today and learn some tips from the ones who know your Ford best

Please do not hesitate to contact us about any specific request of information regarding our tires. Get expert advice on the right tires
from the ones who know your Ford best.

We can help you find the right tire for the right price!