IAG Ford Collision & Body Shop

Aluminum requires special treatment for repairs and bodywork

Few collision centers are specialized in aluminum repair, and even fewer meet Ford’s aluminum repair requirements.

Our collision center meets Ford’s aluminum repair requirement.

Aluminum requires complex welding and doesn’t tolerate any contamination. Also, if you have a Ford truck, the aluminum panels feature less welds. They are bonded predominately through a combination of special rivets and special industrial adhesives. We have the stand-alone clean room, the aluminum welding station, the specialized rivet gun, and more, and we have the training and brainpower to use them correctly.

Formula Ford Lincoln is part of the International Auto Group (IAG), which operates seven dealerships and the state-of-the-art IAG Collision & Body Shop. This is not someone else’s shop that we just recommend – this is our shop! We are committed to giving our valued and loyal customers the best body shop experience and services available.

A single, large collision centre (versus several smaller shops) allows for economies of scale, specialization, and focus. As such, the IAG Ford Collision & Body Shop is able to hire, and continuously train the very best professionals, and to keep the facility and its equipment at the very leading edge of technology

You have the final say on who repairs your truck.