Azure Grey Bronco

2023 Bronco

Big Bend finished in Azure Grey

Azure Grey

Azure Grey Metallic Tri-coat is a new colour Ford is offering for the 2023 model year on specific vehicles, and the Bronco is the first one we got our hands on. It is available on all trim levels of the Ford Bronco, minus the Heritage and Heritage Limited models.

The Azure Grey colour option, priced at $800 shown on this model, exhibits similar characteristics to the popular Area 51 color. Azure Grey features a significant amount of metallic flake, which accentuates its unique cool grey and blue tones in the light. It is not excessively vibrant, but keeps a sublte blue look which looks perfect on the Ford Brono.

This is the 2023 Bronco Big Bend with Sasquatch Package, which means it is ready for off-road aventures. Alongside being quipped with the super capable off-road package, this is the 2-door confuiguraiton which aids in off-raod manueverability as well.


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