Under $15,000

Formula Ford Under $15000

If you are looking for a used vehicle whose cost is under $15000, you are certainly hoping to find a great deal. With Formula Ford a great deal is pretty much assured, but if your reaearch for your next used car has a fixed budget limit, our selection of used vehicles under $15,000 will be the best place to start making up your mind with what kind of vehicle you would like to target.

Find below our best picks of Used Cars, SUVs or Truscks under $15000. In this Category you will find used Mitsubishi, RAM, Fiat, Toyota, Ford, Honda, Acura, Nissan, Hyunday, Chrysler, Dodge and many more for you to pick from. We offer a vast range of certified pre owned vehicles at the most competitive price. In our lineup the majority are still only a few years old at most, giving you decent mileage as well as up to date accessories and style.

Please, let us know what kind of vehicle you are looking for and what your budget is and we will match you up with the perfect used car in our inventory.

We offer the possibility to book a test drive conveniently and directly from your home if you are interested in any of the under $15000 vehicles on this page. You can also chat with us and ask us all the info you need!