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2021 Ford Mustang GT 300a – How to build a budget performance Mustang

Building the right car can be tough. Do you get an automatic or manual transmission? Performance tires, exhaust, axle ratio.. there are so many options. If you’re interested in a performance vehicle that’s track-ready without a performance price tag look at the Mustang GT 300A with the Performance Package! It features an upgraded sway bar, k brace, 3.55 (automatic) or 3.73 (manual) axle ratio, performance tires and more. The Ford Mustang GT 300A is a budget-friendly performance vehicle without the GT Performance Package, but with the PP it takes the performance to the next level. In this video, Steve from Cars With Steve will teach you the basics of the car, what’s in the GT Performance Package and see how it handles on the road.

In this video, the vehicle used had the following specs: – 300a base package – 10 speed automatic transmission – GT Performance Pack – Active Valve Exhaust

Time Stamps:

00:00 – Introduction 1:05 – Exterior Styling and GT Performance Pack 2:30 – Front end styling, performance and suspension 4:15 – Backend 5:00 – Active Valve Exhaust – How does each mode sound? 6:40 – Under the hood – horsepower and torque 7:15 – Fuel quality 8:00 – Interior Summary 10:10 – Steering wheel and cluster 10:50 – Center stack 11:45 – Test drive 20:25 – Final Thoughts

Hear the roar of a Mustang as the ground starts to tremble and your legs start to shake. As always, Mustang calls upon its performance roots with features for handling, high-powered available engine options and a classic Mustang design. At the heart of every Mustang is a high-powered engine. Mustang offers five available engines, including the 5.2L supercharged V8 — the most powerful street-legal Ford production engine ever. 

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