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2021 Escape SEL Hybrid Short Video

Watch our latest 2021 Ford Escape SEL Hybrid video and let us know what you think! This month we offer an amazing 0% purchase financing up to 72 months! Save On Fuel With New Hybrid & Plug-In Hybrid Engine. The 2021 Ford Escape SEL Hybrid was built for an active lifestyle and offers plenty of options for you to hit the road in your own individual style. Feel like driving a hybrid? A big thanks to Steve from Cars with Steve for the amazing video! Check his channel for more videos like this one!

2021 Ford Escape Hybrid | Built For The Future

The 2021 Ford Escape finishes very close to the top of hybrid and electric SUV rankings in North America. This amazing recognition surely hinges on its ample seating, easily accessible and adaptable infotainment system, carlike handling, and of course its superb safety score.